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Annual Financial Statements

Bookkeeping (monthly/yearly)


CIPC (Company registrations and amendments)

Payroll and all related payroll taxes (PAYE, UIF, SDL)

Income Tax (Individual, Sole Proprietor, Trust, Company/CC)

Compensation Commissioner

Deceased Estate Tax


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About Us

Finkor Accounting (Pty) Ltd is an accounting firm offering tax, accounting, payroll and various other related services. We are registered Professional Accountants (SA).

Finkor Accounting (Pty) Ltd also forms part of the larger Finkor Group consisting of several businesses and professionals who jointly offer an array of professional, financial and business services. For more information see

The Group offers accounting, insurance, marketing and legal services and has acquired specialists in almost every conceivable financial and business field, so that the customer’s financial requirements are met by the Group. Client needs flow between various services and product needs, which means that a client with various needs would need more than one organization for a solution. The Finkor Group solves this problem by placing all the necessary expertise under one umbrella.

Compliance and Registrations

The director of Finkor Accounting (Pty) Ltd is J A Beyers (Driaan), a registered Professional Accountant (SA) and Professional Tax Practitioner (SA). Driaan is also a Certified Independent Reviewer, complies with SARS requirements and is a Registered Tax Practitioner at SARS.

Registration numbers:

32023 - J A Beyers

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(012) 940-4215