November 26, 2018


Finkor is a group consisting of several businesses and professionals who jointly offer more than 60 financial and business services. All the companies in the group operate in Afrikaans & English and are customer focused. It only makes sense to trade under one brand, as it makes marketing much easier.


The group offers accounting, insurance, marketing and legal services and has acquired specialists on every conceivable financial and business service, so that the customer’s financial service needs are met by the group. Client needs flow in various product-and-service-needs, which in practice means that a customer must turn to more than one organization for a solution. Finkor bridges this problem by placing all the necessary expertise under one roof.


We live in a digital era, changing consumer habits. Companies must also take into account these rapidly changing trends when marketing planning is being done. It has become almost impossible to do business if you do not have at least one website, but then you should also know how to attract traffic to that website. Finkor keeps abreast of these changing trends and helps businesses benefit in an affordable way from the marketing opportunities that the digital era offers.